Research Tips

Research & Academic Writing

A source for academic research and writing… aimed at postgrads, but useful for all levels of academia.

Some of the guidance on this site is truly a trip ‘back to the basics’… because we all need to remember these foundational steps as we move into advanced research and writing as postgraduate students.

You will also find a plethora of tips which are supremely specific to postgraduate research – including pages devoted to preparing for and managing a PhD ‘life’.

Please feel free to watch the videos, download the handouts and guides and modify them as needed for teaching (lecturers and teachers) or for you own study (students and researchers).

You may like to start by downloading this PPT just below, which offers an overview of the ‘research journey’ which I cover in more detail on this site.

If you’d like to see the author’s researcher page – please click here. (Note, this will take you to a new website).

Intro to academic writing

An introduction to academic writing including tips for how to successfully write at this level.

Getting research started

Tips for getting started with your research including an overview of good research and strategies to find the resources you need.

Organising your work

Tips for staying organised and recommended tools to help you do so!


An overview of referencing and tools to help you succeed.

PhD help

A guide for PhD students to help manage expectations and offer tips for success.


Interviews with individuals about their experience with a PhD or Master’s degree, and top tips for current/future students.


My random thoughts on academic writing and research! (often embedded into the guides above)