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Developing your Argument

Your argument must form the centrepiece of your academic essay. Remember that your aim, in academic writing, is to persuade your readers – convince them, using evidence, that the point or theme you are highlighting is cogent.

The argument should be the foundation to the structure of your academic piece. In presenting an argument you are invoking critical thinking skills which are crucial to university life, even more so as postgraduate level.

The point is not to give the final word on a subject find the absolute truth of a matter. The point of providing an argument is to provide evidence which supports a critically-thought narrative on your subject.

So how do you start thinking about your argument?

Your argument should include the following elements:

  1. An overall theme or perspective, which is persuasive in nature.
  2. Sub-points which expand upon that theme or perspective.
  3. Evidence which supports these sub-points.

Use the resources below to get started.


‘The Crucial Argument’ (A blog post)

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