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So you’ve decided to do a PhD! Welcome to the club…

While the academic writing and research advice on this website is catered to postgraduate students, this page is specifically for you. Writing an 80,000+ assignment is no small task, and I know how overwhelming it can seem. Use this guide to help you:

1. Manage expectations : Understand what to expect regarding your PhD, and how to prepare for upcoming steps in the process.

2. Increase efficiency & organisation: While everyone’s journey with a PhD is their own, I think many of the tools and tips suggested here are applicable to most other students in this situation… and, they can always be modified for your needs!

Rest assured, I will be updating this site with all of the PhD advice I can imagine…since we’ve all been there (or will be there) and, as the well-known mantra goes: ‘sharing is caring’…


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