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There are two significant hurdles over which postgraduate students need to jump when beginning research projects. The first significant hurdle is to understand the coventions, practices and methods of academic writing. That is covered in another page (see above menu). The second hurdle is to understand reseach, in general. In this guide I offer an ‘introduction’ to the basics of research. I show you how to get started with your research and offer you some quick tips to be successful.

The three key steps to success in research are as follows:

Understanding: What is a research project, and what is expected of me as I undertake one?

Planning: Where do I even start? How do I start searching for resources and ensure that what I find is relevant?

Organising: How do I stay organised and ensure I am working efficiently, so I don’t become overwhelmed with the various other tasks in my life.

Select the relevant pages below for tips on addressing these key steps.


What is research and how do I get started?


How do I create a search strategy?


How do I organise and prioritise my research workload?

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