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The experience of working on a PG degree (whether a Master’s or a PhD) is a unique one! Undoubtedly, each student will enjoy an experience which uniquely their own – fraught with a mixture of success and challenges.

At the same time, however, evidence has proven there is a certain sense of ‘solidarity’ which PG students in this field. Whilst we all have a unique individual experience, we have shared issues, shared successes, and shared challenges.

The videos below, which can also be found on the associated Youtube Channel, are devoted to teasing out some of these experiences. All of the interviews below are with individuals who have successfully completed a Master’s Degree or a PhD.

Do watch these videos to learn about the vast diversity of topics which have been pursued. Be encouraged by the diverse experience mixed with happy success and challenges. Each interview also ends with the interviewees’ top tips they would advise to current and prospective students looking to do a degree.

While you may be tempted to simply watch the interviews with a topic related to your interests (and this undoubtedly merits your focus) I’d also recommend watching those outside of your field/discipline. The advice offered is useful to all students in all fields…and, quite often, the encouraging and challenging experiences will also be useful.

PhD Interviews

Dr Claire Kennan: Historian
Professor John Charmley: Historian
Dr Ruth Houghton: Law

Master’s Degree Interviews

Elizabeth Hutchinson: MSc Library & Information Management
Amy Cartwright: MSc Computational Arts
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