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Academic writing can seem a daunting task, especially if you are imbibing its rules for the first time, or have spent some time away from academic study. Academic writing can, certainly, feel like a world of its own. There are certain conventions, a particular vocabulary, and methods for doing this which students are simply expected to understand.

At the same time, as a postgraduate you are also expected to make your writing your own: simultaneously building upon knowledge of others, finding a gap, making a critical analysis, and asserting your own argument… it’s seems like a lot!

However, take it in smaller chunks, one step at a time…and it’s entirely achievable. Use these pages to help you do just this.

If you are in need of a refresher, a ‘beginner’s guide’ to academic writing, check out these pages.:

Academic Structure
Rules of Academic Writing
Grammar and Punctuation (coming soon)

If you are ready for the advanced look at academic writing, for your postgraduate (or PhD) degree, look at these:

Writing Critically
Academic Jargon (coming soon)
Writing for the Reader (coming soon)

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